What Does Carbon-AR Mean?

"Carbon" is a reference to the Melaninated people of the world, being the first Carbon based life forms.   The "AR" part of the name will be revealed soon.

How Are the Combs Made?

The Combs are made of Exotic Hardwood and assembled by tools and by hand.

How Strong is the Comb?

The Combs are VERY strong, but if that is a truly concern definitely look into our Nguvu Adjustment.

Do you do Wholesale?

Soon.  We are finishing the Tools for mass production.  We expect to be up and running by Jan 2017.

How Long does shipping take?

We usually ship combs within 3-7 days.  We contact the buyer and let them know when to expect their combs within 48 hours.  All combs are shipped 2nd Day Air.

Can I do Custom Combs?

...Maybe.  A single comb is problematic, but if you are looking for 100+ units, then it makes sense to contact us.   We go through a process of consultation, design, prototyping and production with our clients who are interested in Carbon-AR producing a comb for them.  If you are familiar with Digital and Graphic design tools or want to pursue a custom comb, please contact our main designer at J [at] carbon-ar [dot] com with images and estimates.