This Brazilian Artist Recreated Classic Avengers Cover With Orixas

If you are an Avengers fan then you will love this. Brazilian illustrator Hugo Canuto recreated the classic #4Avengers cover replacing the Marvel characters with orixas, the deities of Candombie. 

Via Afro Punk

Candomble is a religion brought to Brazil by slaves from Benin and Nigeria practicing Yoruba religions. The comic trades Iron Man for the warrior Oxaguiã, Norse god Thor for the equally strong, hammer-wielding the ruler of justice Xangô; Ant-Man for
Ossain the king of the forest; and Captain America for the mighty Ogum. He named the title of his spin-off “The Orixás,” mixing both Portuguese and English on purpose, he says. In November, he started crowdfunding to produce two comic books “Tales of Òrun Àiyé” — which means heaven and earth in Yoruba. Take a look at this amazing artwork and support Hugo on Facebook now!


Check out the dope photo's below:



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