This 50 Shades Of Melanin Documentary Explores Colorism In The UK Through The Eyes Of Millenials

Naomi Grant founded the online platform "Look At My Black Beauty" that documents the black female experience in the 21st century.

The documentary is a detailed look at colorism in the UK from individual perspectives in an interview format. 

Via Afro Punk

The work that Naomi is spearheading culminated in a short documentary about colorism in her country entitled ‘50 Shades of Melanin.’ Running 30 minutes long, it relies primarily on firsthand accounts and interviews as its content, giving a space for British Black women to speak out against the colorism they face on a day to day basis and offer their perspectives on why and how it took root in the Black community.

Overall, LAMBB is working to secure a place for black girls to commune and feel safe away from a society that constantly condemns them, a place where colorism, sexism, misogynoir, and the host of other isms can be shed for the full spectrum of humanity

I am particularly intrigued by the fact that dark skinned women have been subjected to the creation of hashtags and Instagram pages that celebrate their skin to be appreciated.

I think when the day comes that women of all colors can be celebrated normally without being subject to inferiority thought processes we would have succeeded in our efforts.

Do you have 30 minutes? Get into this video to see exactly what I mean:


Petra Lomax