Our Top Ten Tips For Transitioning To Natural Hair

So you want to transition to natural hair? I like to say I learned about transitioning on the fly and the more mistakes I made the more I learned about the process.

If you are on the fence about transitioning or you have time to do some research on what you need to do while transitioning, allow me to help you.

Here are my top 10 quick tips for transitioning to natural hair

1. Change your mindset

Even though you still have areas of your hair that are relaxed, you need to care for your hair as if it is natural. That means finding a natural hair regimen that works for you.

2. Trim often

Forget about the length if you are trimming gradually, ensure that you do it consistently and often until all of the permed ends are gone.

3. Deep condition to keep your natural hair soft

natural hair tangles and if you have two textures (natural and perm) things can get tricky. Deep condition weekly to help keep your hair soft, manageable and detangled.

4. Protective styles help

When I got tired of dealing with two textures I would opt for twists and tuck my ends away for awhile. This allows the time to pass and your hair to grow out more. These days there are so many options, wigs, weaves, box braids, goddess faux locs, this list goes on and on.

5. Big chop when you are comfortable and when it makes sense

Definitely set a time for your big chop when you feel comfortable, but if your hair is getting damaged in the process of transitioning, do yourself and favor and move your big chop date up.

6. Use heat but sparingly

Heat can cause damage to your new growth so be very careful with how much heat you use during your transition. You do not want to have to transition from heat damage after you big chop.

7. Research natural hair practices

Read blogs like this one to help with everything from hair styles to hair care regimens, the more you know the easier things get.

8. Get a support group

Natural hair groups really help you to get comfortable with your hair. You get excited about your hair and sometimes you get inspired to big chop even earlier than you have planned.

9. Rid yourself of negative influencers

It’s all about energy, tip 8 encourages you to surround yourself with the type of energy that encourages to love your natural hair. This tip means you need to get rid of all the toxic people that are not supportive of your goals. You do not have to get rid of them out of your life, but you might avoid hair topics especially if they are not supportive.

10. Have fun

Transitioning is not easy but you will have a ton of fun experimenting with styles and ways to care for your hair. You might start documenting your journey, or you might have a dope Instagram feed full of your hairspirations and pictures of your hair that people will show you love for. You never know!

The most important thing is that you enjoy the process!