Carbon-AR Presents: The Magickal Project...

5 Artist, 5 Combs, 5 Days...

Carbon-AR has teamed up with an amazing group of Black Artist to produce a special series of images with our combs.  Our goal with these pieces is to represent how Black people tap their imagination to be MORE than “human.”

We want you to know about our project and will be posting images at 12 Noon on each of the following days: 

  • 5/3/2017:  Micah BlackLight
  • 5/5/2017:  Shawna Mills
  • 5/8/2017:  The One Will Focus
  • 5/10/2017:  Mark "Draughtsman" Samuels
  • 5/12/2017:  John Jennings

Click Here to see the first of the images!

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