Fusion Of Cultures Creates A Gorgeous Hair Style Inspired By Hausa Queen Aminatu

Women of color have been celebrating traditional African hair styles in an amazing way for a few years now and recently Hausa Fulani styles have been trending quite a bit.

In the below video Fusion of Cultures add to her repertoire of amazing videos with a gorgeous flat twist style that celebrates Hausa Fulani Queen Aminatu.

Aminatu is a great Hausa warrior queen and military strategist. What she wanted to do was create a safe passage for Hausa traders at that time. 

Via Black History Heroes

Queen Amina (also known as Queen Aminatu), was the elder daughter of Queen Bakwa Turunku, the founder of the Zazzau Kingdom in 1536. Some scholars date Queen Amina's reign to about 1549, as heir apparent after the death of her mother.

This medieval African kingdom was located in the region now known as the Kaduna State in the north-central region of Nigeria, capital at the modern city of Zaria. Zaria (aka Birnin Zaria) was named after Queen Amina's younger sister Zariya, and is where the Royal Palace of Zaria resided.

Watch this gorgeous Fulani inspired video below:


This style is very easy to do as shown in the video, the only thing I would recommend is that you ensure that your hair is very moisturized and clean before creating it.

Happy styling!