6 Ways To Perfect Your Twist Out

If you are new to natural and new to natural hair styling then some styles might not come as easy as it does for veterans in the game. For me perfecting my twist out wasn’t always a walk in the park. To this day, I am more of a braid out girl but I know what to do to get a close to perfect twist out after 5 years of trying.

If you want to perfect your twist out, here are my 6 suggestions:

1. Start with clean hair

Wash and deep condition your hair so that you can ensure your hair has enough moisture to last all week long.

2. Section the hair

Detangle the hair and section in four section working section by section making things easier for you to twist.

3. Work one quadrant at a time – add your products using the LOC method

Use the LOC method when setting your twists. Start with your liquid spray leave in conditioner or just plain water. Add a little oil to seal in your moisture and then add your cream on top. I prefer a cream that has a slight hold to help give my twists some shape

In each quadrant, you might have 5-10 twists depending on how small your twists are but make sure your hair is nicely covered in product but not so much that your hair is weighed down. If you have fine hair this is especially important for you.

4. Add perm rods to the ends

This is optional however I will say this, the smoother your ends the easier it is for you to avoid single strand knots and your twists will look really uniformed. Choose the size of the perm rod that works for you.

5. Allow the twists to dry

This is absolutely important to avoid frizzy twist outs with no definition. Use an overhead dryer to speed up drying time if you have somewhere to go.

6. Release and pick the roots

Just unravel the twists and without creating frizz use your CarbonAR pick to lift the roots to create more volume and eliminate any parting lines.

As the week goes on your hair will become bigger and bigger which means that it is important to cover your hair with a satin bonnet to help your hair maintain its moisture.

You can even choose to re-twist your hair if you would like but try not to add too much product if your hair feels moisturized.

One last thing! -- Add an accessory and slay!

image - @simplydommie

Petra Lomax