5 Ways To Tap Into Your Black Girl Magic

Black Girl Magic is a term we hear a lot these days but some of us still do not know how to unleash our inner magic. In this post I wanted to share 5 ways you can tap into your Black Girl Magic!


A lot of us spend our time taking care of others. We have children, elderly parents, significant others, and a long list of ambitious goals we want to achieve in a very short amount of time. During the day, we eat, do our thing, and then go to sleep. Not so bad right?

It doesn't <em>seem </em>so bad, but when we zero in on the details we notice that the quality of what we're doing is not the greatest. We might eat a meal--but that was the only meal we had for the day, and it was fast food. We might go to sleep--but we went to sleep really late because we forgot to do the laundry. We might even take a nap--but it was cut 15 minutes short because we had to pick up the kids from school.

You see what I mean? It's really easy to lose out on taking care of basic self-needs when you're tending to everyone and everything else. Make sure that the bare minimum is being fulfilled: Get enough sleep, eat balanced meals, exercise (or at the very least, stretch), and make sure you aren't over-working yourself.

Those basic needs must be met! If you can't take care of yourself, how in the world will you be able to take care of others? You can't. And when you are burned out, who is it that will take care of you?

Clear your space

Vision this: post it notes stuck to every corner of the desk, papers scattered on the table, clutter in every closet. Sounds like a mess, right? Unfortunately, most of us have had issues with not having enough space in our homes or work stations--not for work <em>or for ourselves.</em>

Physical clutter can often lead to mental clutter, making you feel more stressed and overwhelmed than you probably should. This is a clear indicator that you need to clear your space in a major way!

Get folders for all your different papers, buy a special holder for your pens and highlighters, create a meditation area in the corner of your room. Whatever it is that is going to get you organized and centered, do it! I promise it'll feel like a weight was lifted off of your shoulders. 

Trade fillers for fulfillment

In life, there are two things that take up your time: fillers and fulfillment. All things that benefit you and your goals, your family, your passion, and the greater good of your life can all be categorized as "fulfillment". On the other hand, fillers are things that don't really mean much, but they are taking up a lot of your time.

Having fillers in your life is like dating a man you don't really like just to avoid being lonely. He's there and he's taking up your time, but you're not really satisfied. You want to trade him in for someone that you actually like and will benefit your life. You'd like to trade the filler in for fulfillment.

Look at your life right now and look at all of the things that are not serving any purpose, but still present. Make a list of those things, <em>get rid of those things, </em>and start replacing each one with something (or someone!) that will positively contribute to your life.

Take yourself off the clock

"I need to do this by the time I'm 30!" or "I only have until this summer to lose weight" are some very popular ways women like to put themselves on a clock. We come up with this huge list of goals we'd like to achieve and then we put this time limit on ourselves and start to panic when the clock winds down and we haven't achieved it yet.

It happens all the time, and for some women, a time table fuels their ambitious nature. For others, it dampens it. Don't get me wrong, making your goals realistic and time-sensitive is the best way to achieve them--but it's not always the best way to start.

Take yourself off the clock and start implementing small changes in your life. This way, you will have positive and definite change and not a quick fix that'll fade away in a few months.

If you want to lose weight, start gradually adding vegetables and more water to your diet. If you want to achieve mindfulness, make it a point to add more time to your meditation session every morning. Whatever it is that you'd like to do, make sure that you focus less on the time, and more on making those changes into habits.

Practice gratitude

There is a season for everything in our life. We all will experience happiness, contentment, grief, sadness, loss, opportunity, and many other things in our adulthood. Some are difficult to handle--others are easy--but in all cases, we must show gratitude.

Being thankful for what we have and what may come allows us to appreciate and love your life how it is at this very moment. At the same time, it gives us a way to stay positive and continue to look forward when we reach a rough patch in our lives.

We can easily look at our respective situations and point out what is missing for our lives. However, if we want to be happy in life, we should appreciate what we currently have while continuing to work for what it is that we want. In other words, gratitude is the start of your peace.