4 Ways To Maximize Slow Growing Hair

I have had a few questions from women who have what I like to call ‘slow growing hair’. Slow growing hair is not easy to diagnose through computer screens and smart phones because to be honest it is purely based on genetics.

For me, some of the telltale signs are if someone says ‘my hair seems to only gain one inch per year’. Or if they say, “I am doing everything right but still, I am not able to retain any length”.

The truth is not everyone’s hair grows at the same rate and if you think your hair grows slowly your approach to retention should be very different from what everyone else is doing.

In this post, I want to suggest 4 ways you can maximize ‘slow growing hair’ and retain all the length you gain.

1. Protective style 90% of the time

I am being very generous with that 10% because honestly protective styling almost all of the time is the best way to retain all the length you gain. Your styles should protect the ends of your hair keeping them safe from wear and tear.

2. Trim less often

I know my stylist friends will be on my case for this one but it makes more sense to me that if your hair grows at a slower rate than others then you cannot trim at the same rate as the average jane.

Obviously, this is thought process is null and void if your ends are damaged and in desperate need of a trim. Trimming less can only apply to the woman who has very healthy ends and spends most of her time protecting them.

3. Do not take your scalp for granted

Your hair follicles need all the help it can get to foster great growth. This means using very healthy products and oils that help preserve your scalps heath. Keep your roots and follicles healthy though your diet, treatments and using all natural products that your scalp can benefit from.

4. Avoid tangles

You might have to make the decision to keep your hair stretched more often than the average girl. Stretched hair does not tangle as much as hair that is left shrunken and prone to intermingling. Tangle cause breakage and will sabotage your growth retention efforts.

Stretched hair can be styled in protective styles in a detangled state which is easier for you anyway.

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Petra Lomax