4 Reasons Your Man Should Be Doing The LOC Method

I remember the day my husband came to me with three of my hair products requesting that I show him how to do the LOC method. I almost died laughing because he was so serious and I was still stuck on the fact that he even knew the term.

After I gathered myself together he shared that he noticed how soft my hair was and wanted the same for his noticeably longer hair.

He had been growing his hair out for about a month or two and was enjoying using up all my conditioner and butters. He said he was ready to take things to the next level and needed my help.

At the end of the day even though it was funny at first, if you are a man with afro textured hair, keeping your hair moisturized should be your top priority and the LOC method is an awesome way to do it.

What is the LOC method

The LOC method is simply an acronym for Liquid Oil Cream and it helps us curly girls and curly guys remember how to layer products for maximum moisture retention. The acronym was created by the CEO of the hair line Alikay Naturals who used it back in the day when she shared tutorials on YouTube.

How to do it

Grab your leave in conditioner, or any liquid moisturizer that lists water as the first ingredient. Add that moisturizer to your hair first. Then add your favorite oil, this can be olive oil, coconut oil or any of your favorite oils.

Next use a cream or butter on top of the first two layer. The cream can be a light cream that has water in it or your favorite creamy butter.

My husband currently uses water mixed with cheap conditioner as his leave in and [L]iquid, olive oil for his [o]il and As I Am Double Butter cream as his [c]ream. He uses very little of each because like most guys he does not like too much product but just enough for his hair to feel soft.

Once you get your products and technique down you will know how much to use for your own hair and the LOC method will be a breeze. We highly recommend that you try the LOC method if you have dry hair it will be a life saver!