3 Reasons You Should Celebrate Your Shrinkage

We know how it is, you spend 50-11 hours stretching your hair, enjoying your length for those moments in the mirror and then you go outside and everything changes.

As the humidity hits your hair you watch all your hard work just disappear in a matter of minutes as your hair reduces to a shrunken fro.

For some naturals, this can be frustrating especially when you want your hair to look a certain way for the day or week. In this post we want to help you deal with these frustrations by giving you 3 reasons you should embrace your shrinkage even on the days it gets on your last nerve.

1. Hair health

Believe it or not, shrinkage is a sign of healthy hair because the natural structure of a healthy afro textured strand is a tight curl.

When your hair is damaged or over stretched, it will no longer naturally curl because the bonds within the strand have been broken disrupting the structure of the strand. Shrinkage means your hair is healthy!

2. Shrinkage gives you versatility

Afro textured hair can be worn short or long depending on what you do to it and that is always something to celebrate. Women love versatility and with curly hair you can wear a sleek blow out on one occasion or a cute puff on another occasion. Versatility is always great in our book.

3. It is natural

Sometimes we spend so much time stressing over what our hair naturally does that if we just did the opposite of that and embraced it, things would be a whole lot easier.

When you change your mindset you will find yourself preserving your hair's natural tendencies instead of finding ways to change it.

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Petra Lomax