Watch Out Loud: What Is #BlackBoyJoy and Why Do We Need It?

I was obsessed with Chance the Rapper after watching him live his unapologetic best life at the 2016 Video Music Awards on MTV. He stuck to my rib so much, I asked my managing editor, Danielle Belton, if I could write about him. She obliged my random request.

Not only did I write about Chance the Rapper’s unadulterated joy, but I also called out other young black men who exhibited a similar spirit.

Warning—I am about to quote myself:

The climate in America right now is hostile, to say the least. Black men are dying at the hands of authority figures, and witnessing #BlackBoyJoy is a rare, much-needed break from the tragic headlines and hashtags. And let’s be real—the world is highly critical of young black men who express joy. So I want to celebrate this idea that young black men can be happy, too.

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