OneUnited Bank, Black Lives Matter Team Up to Organize Black America’s Spending Power

In this day and age it is absolutely imperative to pay attention to the methods that can be used to affect change. With the amount of spending power that we have as black consumers, we absolutely have the ability to decide where and how that money moves. It is our hope as black business owners and consumers to encourage people to not necessarily support OneUnited Bank (we can't vouch for them), but to look into options to support black pillars and enterprises within your own communities. it makes a difference.


Elected officials, businesses and society in general can sometimes find it easy to overlook voices of protest that call for equality and justice. One thing that is seldom overlooked, however, is money, and black America has a lot of spending power to throw around—about $1.2 trillion. 

Now OneUnited Bank, the largest black-owned bank in America, and the Black Lives Matter movement are coming together to help black America organize around its spending weight and are introducing a special debit card to give the initiative a symbol, just in time for Black History Month.

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