We the People who are Darker Than Blue

One of Carbon-AR's goals is to represent the beauty of Black Hair, Black Skin and Black Culture and provide quality products for us.

Our "Darker Than Blue" series was inspired by the amazing Blue Note and Impulse Jazz album Covers and named after the Curtis Mayfield Classic "We the People who are Darker than Blue..."

We people who are darker than blue
Don't let us hang around this town
And let what others say come true

Pardon me, brother, while you stand in your glory
I know you won't mind if I tell the whole story
Pardon me, brother, I know we've come a long, long way
But let us not be so satisfied for tomorrow can be an
An even brighter day

Lyrics by Curtis Mayfield


Carbon-AR is always looking to produce visuals that show the beauty and power of our presence and our skin.  We love this look and how it emphasizes the power or dark skin.